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Looking for entries

hi everyone!

i've started a new Saiyuki icon contest community called gaiden_awards.

each challenge has a theme, and, unless specified, entries are created from:
  • Saiyuki

  • Saiyuki Reload

  • Saiyuki Gaiden

  • Saiyuki Ibun (the series about Koumyo Sanzo)

  • Saiyuki Reload Blast

our first challenge theme is beginnings.

you can submit up to 3 entries. to submit your entries click here.
tzuyu; cheer up

(no subject)

[11] Dogs
[06] Saiyuki
[04] Honey and Clover
[07] Misc [paradise kiss, shaman king, speed grapher, darker than black, kingdom hearts, deadman wonderland]

[01] Dogs manga colouring


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