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Saiyuki Icons

Icons from the goddess!

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Community Info
Saiyuki Icons is a place where you can post icons, friends only banners, and color bars based off of Saiyuki or other series by Kazuya Minekura. Your friendly moderator is chill_shadow. Please feel free to send her message if you need anything.
Ah yes how to conduct your self here! Well lets see...

1: Post only Kazuya Minekura related Icons/Friends only banners/color bars.
Your post can have other icons in them but it must have at least 2 things saiyuki or another series by Minekura in it.

2: Give Credit for other peoples works!
This is a given, unless otherwise stated by the creator of the Icons.

3: Be a good member, help people out!
Like if they ask for a request or want to know how to make Icons/banners/bars please tell them.

4. No spaming!
Self explanatory...

5: No NC-17 material without a warning!
All pairings are welcome. But please refrain posting explicit stuff without a warning.

6: Use lj-cut when posting spoilers, more then 4 Icons or ones that move.
That way it cuts download time for people with slow connections.

7: Do not post ads for other communities.
X-post links are fine. Just don't advertise RP communities or any community period unless they pertain to icons (I.E icontests). All other community advertising is better suited for the general communities and only if their rules state that you can advertise.
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Other Saiyuki communities you may want to check out...if I forgot any please contact Me here. Thanks!

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